3 Uncommon Materials That Are Used For Making Beautiful Artwork Installations

Artwork installations are a new form of contemporary art. Unlike sculptures that are made to view from the exterior, artwork installations are immersive. These art installations can be made from many materials, two of the most common being glass and wood. Though, some of the most beautiful installations are made from uncommon materials. Here are 3 uncommon materials used to make artwork installations:

Recycled Material

If you’re passionate about the planet, this may just be your favourite material for artwork. Recycled materials can be used to create impactful installations that will increase the viewers’ awareness of the environment and the damage that plastic causes. These pieces are inspiring and are used to promote change.

Old Wooden Furniture

A lot of contemporary artwork incorporates wood, though the use of old wooden furniture is uncommon. This material draws audiences in because of its historical features. While viewers will marvel at the beauty of the art, the old wooden furniture also creates a feeling of nostalgia that allows the audience to fully immerse themselves in the installation.


Not only are carpets an artwork themselves, but they can be used in many ways to create beautiful artwork installations. Viewers will be intrigued by a carpet hanging on the wall and ‘melting’ onto the floor. Different types of carpets can be used to build an unusual artwork installation full of different textures from wool, cotton and other materials.

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